Campaign Cornerstones


Government should not do for citizens what citizens can do for themselves.

Americans have always been fiercely independent – in fact it’s always been a source of our nation’s strength. Washington DC is now fostering a culture in which self-reliance is questioned and dependency is made into a virtue. As a result, our entire country  is weakened from within.  Over 100 million of our fellow Americans are enrolled in at least one federal welfare program and over 45 million receive food stamps.  The federal government is spending nearly $1 trillion a year on means-tested transfer of payments.  We all believe in extending a helping hand to our fellow Americans who need help – but clearly we’ve crossed the line of common sense.

I despise subjecting our fellow citizens to the soft bigotry of low expectations.  I believe in the power of the individual – most in Washington believe in the power of big government.  I believe there is nothing more honorable than an honest days work.  We need government programs that help citizens in trouble for a short period of time and get them back on their feet.  Good behavior and good decision-making should be rewarded, not penalized. Many in government measure the success of dependency programs by the number of citizens taking advantage of the free benefits when we should really measure the success of these programs by the number of citizens who no longer are enrolled.



Our Founding Fathers fought our Revolution to free us from an overbearing Government.

It was with this in mind that they designed a series of well thought out restraints for our republic –  establishing a government with powers that are specifically enumerated and explicitly granted by the people.

But by largely ignoring the Constitution, our federal government grows larger and larger – year in and year out.  In just the last few years we have witnessed a $700 billion bailout for millionaires on Wall Street and a failed $787 billion economic-stimulus package (about a $14,000 burden on each taxpayer).  Obamacare was the icing on the cake.

A government that views itself as the provider for nearly every conceivable human need – rather than as the securer of that which a person has obtained through their efforts  –  is very likely to have a record of unsustainable spending growth.

America, like no other nation before, is founded on the principle that the individual has basic rights that are granted by our Creator that no government may take away or compromise.   But today government officials take private property, restrict how landowners may use their own property, restrict the rights of law abiding Americans to protect themselves on public property, and compromise our nation’s ability to produce domestic sources of energy.    As the state motto of Iowa says:  “Our Liberties We Prize and Our Rights We Will Maintain”.  I couldn’t agree more.



Clearly, we need to regain some form of  fiscal sanity in Washington DC.

The last time the federal budget was balanced was 2001. With record revenues pouring in to the federal government’s coffers, it’s obvious that we have trillion dollar deficits not because we tax too little but rather because we spend too much.

I have not met one Iowan who does not think there exists substantial waste in our federal government — we need to get tough and start saying no to excessive spending and finally balance this budget.

And once the budget is balanced, we need a constitutional amendment to limit the growth of government.  The best way to impose this is to limit its source of revenues and expand savings. Our founders believed that the government that governs best is closest to the people.  We need to keep our hard earned dollars home here in Iowa. We need to return more money and power from Washington back to our communities.



There is only ONE proven method for increasing quality and quantity of a product while decreasing the costs – and that is the free market and competition.

When businesses are competing with each other for customers, they have to separate themselves from the rest, whether that means better customer service or cheaper prices. Or both.

Government has a role to play in our economy but too much government involvement distorts free markets and in the extreme creates bubbles.  We just witnessed the real estate bubble which was financed by government agencies Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac purchasing bank real estate loans made to borrowers who were not qualified.   Too much government involvement in free markets typically increases the prices above what the market would dictate as it has in the healthcare and higher education markets.

Free markets take the control out of the politicians hands and leaves the decisions of which business succeeds and which business fails in the consumer’s hands – as it should be.



I am 100% pro life from conception to the cradle to the grave.

It is unconscionable that government would aid in the taking of innocent life.  I strongly oppose any federal funding for abortion and I will continue to vote against any of our tax dollars flowing to groups who perform or advocate abortions on demand.

Being pro-life means protecting the lives of the unborn AND the born.  With the advent of ObamaCare and its Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB), we must ensure government bureaucrats are not making the life and death decisions for our nation’s elderly.  We must respect and defend the lives of our elderly and the sick who can’t speak for themselves.