About Rod Blum

My name is Rod Blum. I am a businessman from Dubuque who is honored to be serving the First District in Congress.  My father quit school in the 10th grade and lied about his age so he could enlist in the Navy during WWII.  My mother cleaned houses to help us make ends meet.  My father always told me that if I “played by the rules” I would live a better life than he and Mom.

I followed my father’s rules and he was correct – I do live a better life than he and Mom did.   That’s most folk’s definition of the American Dream.  Starting with nothing, I worked my butt off to put myself through college.  I entered the software industry on the ground floor and set out to achieve my version of the American Dream.  Our software company grew from 5 to 325 employees in just five years and as a result I was named Iowa Entrepreneur of the Year in the High-Tech category.  I have also worked as a real estate developer, high school basketball coach, student pilot and conservative columnist.

  • I’ve met a payroll every week for 24 years.
  • I’ve balanced a budget for 24 years.
  • I’ve created jobs in the private sector.
  • I’ve taken risks – and sometimes failed. But I’ve never expected a government bailout.
  • I’ve had to deal, every day with the burdens that Washington DC puts on business.

I ran for Congress because recent polls have shown that most Americans do not believe their children will be better off than their parents.  One of the things that has separated our great country from the rest of the world is our citizens have always had hope and belief for a better tomorrow – belief that our children will live better than us. Every generation in this country has lived better than the previous – I am fighting in Congress to keep that dream alive for our children.