Dyersville Commercial: Letter: I encourage you to vote for Blum

“I would like to encourage the voters of the first District of Iowa to vote for Rod Blum for Congress.

Rod Blum is his own man when it’s time to vote. Remember that his first vote was against the leadership of his own party to remove then Speaker John Boehner.

I have been fortunate to go to Washington, D.C. and speak with representatives on both sides of the aisle to tell them about agriculture. When I share with them that Rod is my congressman they are quick to say he is open-minded and works tirelessly for his district.

Most importantly he works to bridge the aisle for the common good of all his constituents.

Rod Blum is a decent and honest family man. He’s a successful self-made man. He listens. He cares. He has my vote.

I would encourage you to also vote for Rod Blum Tuesday, Nov. 6.”

Author: Doug Reimer, Guttenberg

Full letter here.