Telegraph Herald: Letter: Eastern Iowa lights shining thanks to Blum

“’Will the last person to leave Dubuque please turn out the lights?’ Many can remember the slogan from the 1980s when Dubuque was on its last leg and just about everyone was on their way out.

Today, U.S. News and World Report ranks Iowa the best state in the country. And Dubuque is considered among the best cities.

While there are many factors that contribute to this rating, the quality of our leaders is certainly among them. Congressman Rod Blum has been one of heck of an influential leader.

He works for Dubuque and eastern Iowa. We saw him fight for our city with preserving historic tax credits. He has supported the city’s infrastructure investments with advocacy in D.C. and most importantly he supports policies which allow economies like Dubuque to grow.

If you can recall the 1980s, the farm crisis, you certainly know that the last thing eastern Iowa needs is to take a risk on inexperience and a lack of understanding — this is what I’ve seen in Abby Finkenauer.

From what I’ve gathered she’s not maintained a full-time job or a career whatsoever in the private sector.

To keep our economy going please re-elect Rod Blum, who’s built his life and his community by doing the daily grind for over 40 years at home and in Washington since he was elected. Blum has been an independent voice for us. I trust him to keep us on the right track.

It finally feels like ‘Morning in America again!'”

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