Telegraph Herald: Letter: Trump needs lawmakers like Rod Blum

DUBUQUE– “To cut through all the different things you see/hear and simply put….

Some of the things Rep. Rod Blum is fighting for or bills he has sponsored: Term limits, balance the federal budget, no pay raise for Congress, lifetime ban on lobbying for former Congress members, cut congressional pay until budget is balanced and other things to try to keep our freedom and individual rights.

These are things you won’t see Democrats or some Republicans fight for.

Look how the economy has grown: At twice the average rate in the last 10 years, people making more per hour, family of four in northeast Iowa saving over $2,500 a year, child tax credit from $1,000 to $2,000, standard deduction from $12,000 to $24,000, American businesses are more competitive and people saving more money with the medical expense deduction.

Blum has gotten 65.7 percent of his contributions from District 1, then 28.1 percent from out of state.

Abby Finkenauer has gotten 8.2 percent of her contributions from the district, 81.7 percent from out of state. Abby will vote the way her party wants her to vote.

Trump has to have constitutional conservative Republicans in office if we want to keep America heading in the constitutional freedom direction especially when it is for the Supreme Court.

I hope you will vote for Rod Blum. He has shown he is about people before party. His first vote was to remove Republican John Boehner from House Speaker. It takes a lot of guts to vote against your own party leader.”

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