The Gazette: Fact Checker: Anti-Blum PAC ad misleads



“‘Rod Blum voted for the new tax law that gives 83 percent of the tax breaks to the wealthiest 1 percent — like Rod Blum. But most Americans will pay higher taxes.’

‘AARP says people over 50 will pay up to $1,500 more for health insurance next year.’

Source Of Claims

A television ad now airing called “Worst of Washington” by Change Now, a left-leaning Washington, D.C.-based super PAC that first filed with the Federal Election Commission in July.

Open Secrets reported Change Now spent $1.17 million in 2018, through Aug. 31, all against Republicans.



If Change Now’s ‘Worst of Washington’ ad had said the tax cut bill “will give” the top 1 percent of Americans 83 percent of the tax cuts or included 2027 as the year the majority of Americans would pay more, then the claims would be accurate. As is, the ad gives the impression most Americans will pay more this year, which is false. While there are some claims in this ad that are true — Blum did vote for the tax cut bill and he’s a 1 percenter — the fearmongering is so egregious that Fact Checker rates the overall claims a D.”

Author: Erin Jordan

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