The Gazette: Rod Blum will keep America growing

CEDAR RAPIDS– “Scott Roland in his letter to the editor quoted the non-partisan Tax Policy Center as he admonished U.S. Rep. Rod Blum for voting for the federal tax cuts (‘Deficits from tax cuts, but not for Blum’). The Tax Policy Center may have been nonpartisan in the beginning but it has moved further to the left of center in recent years.

Further, I am sick and tired of people trashing people like Blum for being successful. Blum worked hard and became successful. They call this living the American dream. I wish I had been so successful.

Tax cuts work. President John F. Kennedy cut taxes and so did President Ronald Reagan. More revenue flowed into the federal treasury each time because of the tax cuts. The economy boomed each time as it is doing today. More jobs were created then as they are today.

I do not know Blum. I have never met him. I have never contributed to any of his campaigns. Being a Republican since 1957, I have voted for him twice.

I was in government and the nonprofit arena for over 35 years. I read a lot of studies. I know how the results of a study can be skewed to fit a certain philosophy. Besides I wonder if Roland was in favor of the deficits run up during the previous administration.

The economy is booming. Jobs are plentiful. Employers are crying for workers. This is why tax cuts work.

Re-elect Blum to keep our country growing.”

Author: W.R. Hoekstra, Cedar Rapids

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