Press Releases

Rep. Blum Endorsed by National Right to Life

DUBUQUE– Congressman Blum’s campaign for reelection to represent Iowa’s First District has been endorsed by the National Right to Life Committee, Inc. Congressman Blum commented, “I will always vote to protect those who cannot protect themselves, and am extremely proud of my 100% voting record to protect the unborn.” The Committee’s letter of endorsement read:…

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Rep. Blum Endorsed by American Conservative Union

DUBUQUE – The American Conservative Union (ACU) announced its endorsement of Rod Blum for reelection to represent the 1st District of Iowa in the United States House of Representatives. Congressman Blum commented on the endorsement, “I appreciate the support of the American Conservative Union and all their work to ensure the rule of law and…

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Blum Endorsed by Coach Dan Gable

DUBUQUE– Coach Dan Gable has endorsed Congressman Rod Blum’s reelection campaign to represent the First District in Congress. “I’ve worked hard my whole life. Over time, I’ve been able to add the word ‘smart’ to that hard work. I had to have a loss or a setback before I started having that ability, but I…

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