Congressman Blum’s Campaign for Reelection Releases Second Campaign Ad

DUBUQUE- Congressman Blum’s campaign for reelection has released its second campaign ad highlighting the story of Jake Hesselman– a man helped by Congressman Blum earlier this year.

Jake Hesselman’s friends organized a private fundraiser to purchase a modified van so he could not only be independent but drive himself to a full-time job. The Social Security Administration (SSA), who Jake relied on for disability income was quick to penalize Jake for the money donors gave to the cause and claimed a $15,000 debt due to the private fundraising efforts.

Jake was terrified and decided to contact Congressman Blum. Rod Blum went to bat for Jake and made the case to the government that the money should not be held against him and that SSA’s interpretation of the funds was incorrect. Jake’s attempts for independence and a work-life should be celebrated, not penalized.

Shortly after Congressman Blum’s intervention, Jake received a letter notifying him that his debt had been canceled.

Congressman Blum commented, “Jake is a full-time teacher and wrestling coach today, but he’s much more than that to those who know him. He’s a hero and inspiration to me and I am honored to call him a friend and fellow Iowan.”

View the full ad at the link here