Blum Again Challenges Finkenauer to 12 Debates

DUBUQUE— Immediately following the primary election in IA-01, Congressman Rod Blum challenged opponent Abby Finkenauer to 12 debates. Finkenaur responded, “Fun! Awesome!”

Today, Congressman Rod Blum responded to Ms. Finkenauer’s reaction, “I agree with Ms. Finkenauer that it will be ‘fun’ and ‘awesome,’ but we need to get started right away.”

Congressman Blum has already accepted invitations from TV stations KWWL and KGAN/KFXA. He added, “To hold 12 debates, I propose we begin as soon as possible and schedule the first two this month, KWWL on the 20th and KGAN/KFXA on the 27th.”

Congressman Blum’s campaign has offered to work closely with the Finkenauer campaign to organize the twelve debates and to reach an agreement on the terms and structure of the debates.

In a letter to the Finkenauer campaign [copied below], Congressman Blum wrote:

“This election should be an honest contest of ideas, and I hope you’ll accept this offer to give the voters of the First District an opportunity to hear for themselves about our differing visions for America. Iowans deserve to know where we each stand on the issues impacting Iowa’s First District.”