Rep. Blum Endorsed by American Association of Senior Citizens 60 Plus

DUBUQUE– Congressman Blum has been awarded the Guardian Award from the 60 Plus Association for his proven commitment to protecting Social Security and Medicare throughout his time in Congress.

Congressman Blum commented, “Despite mass amounts of misinformation being spread by my opponent throughout this election– there is no denying my support of preserving and strengthening Social Security and Medicare for our seniors. I am honored to receive this award and will continue my support for these programs  in Congress.”

American Association of Senior Citizens, 60 Plus Founder and Chairman Jim Martin noted, “The Guardian Award protecting to Members of Congress in appreciation of their tireless efforts on behalf of senior citizens, as so many of our elderly struggle on a fixed income.  Seniors have to live within their means and so should our government. We also particularly appreciate the efforts by Rep. Blum to assure the financial stability of Social Security and Medicare. That’s why Representative Blum has earned the Association’s highest award,” Martin emphasized.